Good day everyone,

I am looking to expand my client base and find more freelance proofreading work.  I have been doing editing and proofreading as a freelancer, from home, since 2005. I live in Cape Town but since I work via email it doesn’t really matter where you are based.  I attach my CV for your information.

Please let me know if you have any work available.  I am a professional, ethical and meticulous worker with a great respect for deadlines. You can also be assured of good prices and absolute confidentiality.

Amongst many other jobs, I edited and proofread the young author Ace Moloi’s first novel, In Her Fall Rose a Nation (

I also edited and proofread the award-winning young author Ntshala Mahase’s debut novel Life out of the Ordinary ( and have just finished doing the same for his second novel.

Besides novels and nonfiction manuscripts, I have a vast amount of experience reading and checking material like:

·        PhD Theses, Master’s Dissertations

·        Advertising and marketing copy

·        Website copy

·        Training manuals

·        Magazines

·        Annual Financial Statements and other auditing and accounting work (IFRS and IAS implementation guidelines)

·        HACCP and ISO documentation

·        Psychologists’ court reports

·        Investigation reports, polygraph and other technical reports

and more.

I include a reference or two below, for your interest:

“I was referred to Colleen by my publisher prior to publishing my book as she saw the need for a strong editorial hand for my manuscript. Having done my research about her and her work I didn’t hesitate to entrust her with polishing my manuscript, of course being sceptical about the fact that she’s white and the book talks explicitly about white privileges. To my surprise, she remained objective throughout the whole edit. She finished well in time and she charged way less than I had anticipated. But what excited me throughout working with her, Is her ability to include the author and make him part of the editing process. At the same taking necessary decisions on behalf of the author. She returned my manuscript with half of the words cut out. I was hurt, but this shows she took my manuscript for an edit not for a read and for this reason my manuscript is as perfect as it possibly could and ready for publication. For this reason I’m greatly indebted to Colleen and wish she could help most authors as she had helped me. – Ntshala Mahase (Award-winning author of Life out of the Ordinary)”.

“Colleen Figg did the proofreading and editing of my Masters in Nursing Thesis (Stellenbosch University). I appreciated her diligence and professional manner in the quality of the work, and value for money.

I would recommend Colleen’s proofreading skills to any tertiary student! – Colleen Herman”.

Looking forward to working with you,

Best regards,

Colleen Figg