Spotlancer Affiliate Program


Join Spotlancer’s affiliate program.

Earn commission % on each order that your customers make*

Essentially, it’s revenue sharing. You introduce Spotlancer to customers that you think might be interested in the platform. And once they close their first order you get a slice of the total service price. Sounds fair, right?


how spotlancer affiliate program works


Spotlancer is a digital marketplace connecting hand-picked freelancers with buyers all over the world. We offer a rewarding commission fee for every purchase each referral makes through Spotlancer in their first 6 months from the referral date. Standard services on Spotlancer can be sold up to a value of €5000. Custom jobs can have a higher fee depending on the scope of the task.

Promotional Tools

We provide various tools to help you promote our affiliate program in order to increase your earnings.

Creative Banners: We provide attractive banners to help you attract attention. Banners are updated frequently so make sure to visit your affiliate dashboard frequently.

Marketing Tool: This is an innovative tool to help you, as an affiliate, to display all our services directly on your website or blog. This opens up an ocean of possibilities, from displaying our services on a dedicated page, or even create your own freelance marketplace website which is automatically populated and updated with Spotlancer services. All links are combined automatically with your unique affiliate ID. It also works if you are a freelancer by allowing you to display your own services on your own portfolio.

Standard Commission Plan

We value the importance of having loyal partners working hand in hand with us to introduce our service around the globe. Our standard commission plan offers 10% commission for 180 days of finished sales for each referred client.

How much can you earn?

  • If you refer 10 new clients per day purchasing at least one service of €150, you’ll earn €4,562.50 per month.
  • You’ll keep earning 10% commission on each service bought by each referred client for up to 6 months.

Custom Commission Plan

Custom affiliate deals are also optional. Deals need to cater for a minimum amount of traffic and other criteria to be considered.  If you are interested in a custom affiliate deal for digital products then get in touch through our support team.

How can I join the Spotlancer’s Affiliate Program?

New Spotlancer users:

By default, every new user that registers with Spotlancer is automatically assigned the ‘affilaite’ status. To access to your unique referral link and marketing tools please visit the affiliate dashboard.

Current Spotlancer users:

If you registered with us before we launched the program we will activate your account over time. If you are interested in starting to promote us as soon as possible, then please get in touch through our support team so we can activate your affiliate account.

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