Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or have a good amount of experience, it’s critical to always search for new ways to promote Spotlancer and increase your earnings.

To help you out, our squad has created a list of ways we think will help you increase your earnings as an affiliate.

Increase affiliate income

Marketing Assets and Tools to Increase Your Income

Once registered as a Spotlancer affiliate you will have access to your dedicated affiliate area. Here you can find different marketing tools to help you promote our platform.


  • Referral URL Generator: This tool lets you append your unique affiliate id to any link from Spotlancer. Simply enter a URL into the Page URL field and click Generate URL (URL Example to generate: https://www.spotlancer.com/news/top-5-benefits-working-remotely/ ) Once you generate the url you should get the same link but with the added unique id ( https://www.spotlancer.com/news/top-5-benefits-working-remotely/ref/1/ )


  • Campaign Name: This is an optional field. The campaign name you add here will also be appended to your url. This is used to track specific creatives or the source of your traffic. For example you have a facebook page and a website. One link can have ‘fb’ campaign name attached to it, while the other can have ‘web’.


  • Creatives: Pre-made banners with your unique affiliate id attached to it already. Simply copy and paste the html code to display the banner adverts in your website or blog. We provide different banner designs throughout the year, so make sure to check often for any new creatives added to this section.


  • Innovative Marketing Tool: With Spotlancer’s new marketing tool you can display Spotlancer services on your website through an embed code. You can choose to focus on all services or on specific category on load. What’s great about this tool is that each link is connected with your unique affiliate ID. And if you are a freelancers, it becomes even cooler. You can embed your own Spotlancer portfolio and generate sales directly from your own website while earning commission on each sale too!


The Power of Social Media for Affiliates

Social networking is a powerful free medium that anybody can use to reach out to a wide or specific audience. The best thing about this marketing channel is that it is not only free, but it also allows you to communicate with your close friends. It’s similar to word of mouth, except in digital form, and by nature, we are more likely to buy from brands recommended to us from someone we trust.


  • Follow Spotlancer: By following our social media channels, you’ll be one of the first to get notified when we post something interesting. As an affiliate, you really don’t want to miss the opportunity to re-share our posts and links and including your unique affiliate id. You can find us on facebook, linkedin and instagram


  • Facebook and LinkedIn Groups: Join several facebook and linkedIn groups which discuss topics related to our service. Sharing blog posts or services you find interesting on Spotlancer on such groups with your unique affiliate id can increase your chances of success.If you are a service provider you can also share your own services to earn an affiliate commission and increase your sales.


Blog, Website or Portfolio Traffic


  • Blog or Website: Create a dedicated blog or website in which you can post several topics which connect with services offered through Spotlancer. Link back to specific categories or services with your unique affiliate id. If you are not that much into content writing, then you can always hire a content writer through Spotlancer to write the blog articles for you.Apart from writing blog posts, you can also display creatives around the blog to increase your click through rate.


  • Portfolio: Online portfolios like Behance or Dribble tend to attract a lot of views. It’s a great way to increase not only affiliate income but also sales if you are a service provider. This can be done in a very clean manner. Simply add a link at the top and bottom of each project linking to a service which you offer through Spotlancer. If you don’t offer that specific service or don’t wish to offer it, you can always link to the category which best fits with your project. For example, you just created a nice looking website project on Behance. At the bottom of the project you add the text. ” Thank you for viewing my project. Hire me through Spotlancer” linking the text to your website design service on Spotlancer with your unique affiliate id.