Envato Studio, Envato’s freelance marketplace, will close at the end of August 2022 according to a company announcement. Another website run by Envato, Twenty20 will be closing its doors by the end of July 2022. Envato confirmed the news and in their update they mentioned that the main reason for closing down Envato Studio was a business one.

The company’s focus will be on the creative sector. It was an extremely difficult decision for the company. However, it is the result of the company’s desire to concentrate on the products that will bring it more creative success. Since its launch, back in 2014, Envato Studio has completed more than 230,000 jobs. Envato Studio freelancers have been offering the same services being offered on Spotlancer, varying from logo design to copywriting to WordPress customization.

What do you need to know if you are an Envato Studio Provider or a Buyer?

Key dates for the Envato Studio Shutdown;

  • Last day to purchase a Studio service: 17th July 2022
  • Last day for Jobs to be finalized: 21st August 2022
  • Last day to be able to login to the Studio account: 21st August 2022
  • Last day to contact Studio Support: 21st August 2023

Opportunity to shift your clients over to Spotlancer, why?

  • Unlike Envato Studio, we have an affiliate program. Anyone you refer over to Spotlancer will earn you extra money when they order a service. Read more here
  • We provide you with both affiliate and freelancer marketing tools to help you get more exposure and sales. Read more here
  • The fact that Spotlancer is quite new in the freelance marketplace space results in a great opportunity to rank up. Referring your clients to Spotlancer will help you get reviews which in turn will convert into more orders.
  • Spotlancer takes a lower commission than Envato Studio. This means more money in your pocket.

Opportunity to purchase services from Spotlancer instead of Envato Studio, why?

  • You can use this special coupon code [ ENVATO ]  to get 5% off your next orders*
  • We offer money back guarantee if you do not get the same quality service as shown in the service images and / or described in the service description.
  • We hand-pick freelancers. Meaning that only quality services of approved freelancers are allowed to be listed on Spotlancer
  • We have a trusted provider program. Any freelancer offering their service on Spotlancer can vet himself through a portfolio review and identity verification to ensure you are getting a genuine service.
  • Prices start from just €15, unlike Envato Studio’s minimum charge of $50. We’ll be sure you’ll find the service you need for a price you’ll love
  • You can recruit / ask for freelancers to bid on a task you need. Something which was missing from Envato Studio.
  • You can contact freelancers and open a custom job with them if the service specifications are slightly different from what you require.

Being a service provider on Envato Studio, a repeat buyer, an affiliate or all of them, Spotlancer got you covered.

* coupon code expires in 2 months.

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