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As a freelancer working through Spotlancer you’ll probably come across a client who requires more than just the service you have on offer. If you are a web or app designer and developer you will be more likely to encounter clients seeking help in setting up a domain name and web hosting. Heck, why not add that as an extra to your services too? 

Though typically given a bit of an oversight, as a web and mobile application freelancer you should always be ready with an answer for a reliable and secure hosting provider to safely host your code online. This will make or break your work.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated web hosting?

One main advantage of dedicated web hosting is the fact that you have your website hosted on your own dedicated server. This removes all the headaches and performance issues that come with a lower cost option of shared hosting. Dedicated website hosting can handle an ever-growing volume of traffic, and is a more flexible, reliable and secure solution to grow your online business. 

The disadvantage of dedicated web hosting solutions is usually the cost. Though the benefits mentioned above do outweigh this disadvantage if you are serious about growing your online business. One other drawback is that you need to have good technical skills to be able to run and solve technical problems which might occur from time to time on the servers. Luckily the guys at CloudStrada have all it takes to handle your dedicated web hosting needs.


CloudStrada is your go to web hosting in Malta and Europe

CloudStrada is a web hosting company located in Malta and focusing on European markets. Their servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany to help ensure fast loading speeds and a great user experience for your visitors. CloudStrada offers a variety of services including Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and SSL Certificates. 

SSL Certificates are another thing you should have which is basically establishing a link between the web server and the browser ensuring that the data is transferred securely. And you want to know something else? By joining Cloudstrada, you’ll get a free SSL Certificate too.

Get started with dedicated web hosting today. Get in touch or visit CloudStrada website.