Spotlancer is a marketplace for digital services. This agreement explains the rules that apply to buying or providing services using the Spotlancer platform (‘user terms’).

When we refer to the ‘site’ we’re talking about the Spotlancer platform at When we say ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘Spotlancer’ it’s because that’s who we are and we own and run the site.

Our user terms apply to any use of the site whether or not you’re a member of the site. The user terms are between you and Spotlancer. You’re making a legal commitment to us to stick to our user terms when you visit our site so please read and understand them. If you don’t accept them then you will need to leave the site because any use, other than in agreement with these user terms, is unauthorised.

Finding and Buying a Service

Anyone can browse the site but if you want to buy or provide services, or use other site features, you need to become a member. Membership is free. We call a member who buys services a ‘buyer’. We call a member who provides services a ‘service provider’ (if you want to become a service provider additional terms apply). When we refer to ‘you’ in these user terms we mean any users of the site (including buyers and service providers).

Before you buy

Buyers are responsible for choosing the right services to meet their needs and making sure that all aspects of the services, including their scope, the number of revisions available and turnaround time meet their needs. Buyers need to give the service provider they select a full brief for each job. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the brief is comprehensive and clear. It’s also the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that communication is ongoing in order to keep the job alive.

Agreeing to buy