Recognition for great work and customer care in the long run does not always come easy as a freelancer. You might be giving that extra effort to stand out between all other freelancers offering the same service as you, but how can you really shine and get recognition for your efforts on freelance marketplace platforms like Spotlancer?

Here at Spotlancer we came up with a tool to reward loyal and hardworking service providers offering their freelance services through Spotlancer.


Verified, trusted providers are now a thing on Spotlancer.

We already hand-pick each freelance service which is listed on Spotlancer but we want to do even more to make sure we have only the best quality services available on our website while also rewarding you, hardworking and loyal freelancer. Spotlancer’s new trusted provider badge is a new feature that displays a “Trusted Provider” badge next to a verified service.


What are the benefits of having a service verified?

Well, it’s a badge (who doesn’t like badges on his profile?) and it has “Trusted Provider” written on it. What else do you need? Ok, we’re having an amazing day so we’ll add these benefits to the list too:

  • Increase recognition for loyal freelancers that complete orders through Spotlancer
  • Increase recognition for hardworking freelancers
  • Increase buyers trust with a “Trusted Provider” that is verified by our moderation team
  • Increase sales. Buyers can now filter services based on “Trusted Providers” only
  • Increase exposure and sales. Verified services will be heavily advertised on our social media
  • Increase exposure and sales. Your verified services will not only be shown on Spotlancer’s website, but will also be shown on affiliate websites which are using our cool and unique marketing tool to display all services on their site.
  • Increase exposure and sales. Your verified services will also be shown on your portfolio through our cool and unique marketing tool to display all your services on your very own website.

What are the requirements to get verified?

One of our core values as a company is to provide only the best freelance services to buyers. In order to make sure that the “Trusted Provider” badge is awarded to legitimate accounts only, we require the following as part of the verification process.

  • You should have completed at least 1 job through Spotlancer *please note that the 1 job will be increased to a higher number in the coming weeks
  • Have an online genuine portfolio of good work you created from scratch


How will I know if I reached the criteria required for a service to be verified as a trusted provider?

  • First step is to login to your Spotlancer account
  • Click on My Services
  • Click on the service you want to check
  • Hover over the “VERIFY THIS SERVICE” button
  • Check the requirements in the pop up

This is how you verify a service

  • First step is to login to your Spotlancer account
  • Click on My Services
  • Scroll between them until you see a “Verify Service” badge

verify service

  • Fill in the details required.
  • Click next
  • Confirm your entry and click submit
  • Services might take a few days to weeks to get verified.