As if requiring a further push, recent events have thrust remote working right into the spotlight and centre stage of the business world. For many it was a new experience to behold, and for the larger part a good one too. After reading though, you might catch yourself thinking “why this wasn’t put in place before?”.

Here’s why working from home should be the new norm for employees and employers once the worst has passed.

Increases Employees Productivity

We call it Lucky 13. The numbers back it up; studies show that employee productivity on average increases by 13% when working from home. A Journal of Economics study published in February 2015 showed this was due to less sick days and breaks taken, along with more convenient working environments and increased job satisfaction.

Minimize Company Expenditure

Beat the Costs, Win the Game. Companies working fully-remote are ahead of the game. There’s more than just office space rent; utility bills, office supplies along with possible subsidised commutes and Internet and telephone usage. We tell ourselves that business is more just about money, but it’s profit that determines success, and every little bit counts, right?

Work Smarter with Headcount. Hire Project Based Freelancers

One Size Does Not Fit All. Just because you don’t do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Outsourcing work is hardly new, but having Spotlancer as a common space for seasoned hand-picked professionals and fresh creatives thirsty for the next campaign is, as best thing go, up there with sliced bread. Variety of services and the promise of high-quality freelancers guarantees that you’re more than likely to find what you need, from someone bound to be more efficient and productive.

Employees Health Benefits

There’s plenty of health benefits to reap from working at home, both for employees and employers; placing your employees’ wellbeing first alongside bonuses of increased productivity goes a long way towards securing loyalty within your team. Ensure everyone’s still in contact though, because nothing beats face-to-face time, even if through a camera lens when it comes to keeping your mental state healthy.

Increase Project and Task Focus

Minimize office politics. Speaking of socialising, remote working also cuts down on idle chatting, gossiping and the posturing that comes with certain office personalities. Freelancers have been avoiding this for long enough already, maybe it’s about time remote-working employees get a taste of the good stuff too. The final benefit is that you the boss also get to work from home too, so if you’ve got the means, it’s time to jump on this bandwagon.

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