After reading you might catch yourself thinking “why this wasn’t put in place before?”, and of course, freelancers have been doing this for ages, but hey, to each his own. Though not exhaustive, here’s why working from home should be the new norm for employees and employers once the worst has passed.




Increased Levels of Concentration 

True, it depends on the neighbourhood, but working in your spot, with no noise (or noise of your choice, for that matter) and no other disturbances allow you to slip into your zone quicker and longer. Gone are the days of getting to work 1 hour before anyone else to beat the office noise; just plug in, get down to business in your own time and stay there as long as required.

Sweet Savings

From gas to office supplies and the eternal enemy of Time, there’s much to save by working from home. Cutting the morning-evening commute, the lack of pre-stressing about traffic, meetings are done via video call (or simply e-mail), there’s literally no reason to leave your workspace, except for the odd break to keep from jamming up. There’s also the adage that “you’re not stuck in traffic, you are traffic”; one vehicle less on the road means less pollution, so it’s a win-win for time and money saved but you’re also doing the environment a favour. Go you!

Keep on Track

Having some leeway for your own hours and set up might seem daunting at first, but get it right, and you’ll find not only a new kind of creativity, but also motivation and management in different aspects. Since you’re either fending for yourself and Dave from accounts isn’t in the next cubicle, you’ll start finding answers to your own questions, becoming more concise and sensitive to others’ schedules than before. Platforms such as Spotlancer come in handy because keeping track of all clients (old and new), tasks, invoices and stats are all conveniently located, essential in any freelancer’s world.

Comforts of Working Remotely

Home is where the heart is content, so working from somewhere safe, familiar and private actually veers towards the obvious. With one part of the mental health aspect taken care of, what about the physical? Office commutes are out of the equation so why not use the time to get physical? A set of dumbbells or a simple yoga mat will do the trick before graduating to a possible park run. Also, you can beat the onset of food cravings a lot easier by preparing healthier meals from before and peer pressure is far less is they’re on video call rather than next door. Shared office spaces, cafes are amongst other possible options to shift to from day to day.

Future is Now

More people are clamouring for a shift to more remote-friendly set ups, so if you’ve got that in place, then you’re just ahead of the curve. Sites like Spotlancer have long since read the lay of the land and have a whole host of services that freelancers can list their services on. It’s not just a case of having everything on one platform, but the fact that multiple opportunities are easily within reach whilst working from home mark this as the progression of a new era in business.

Interested in working remotely?

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