So you want to be the best out there? That’s great! If you are doing your outmost and still feel like you are missing something then you should read our tips on how you can get the most out of Spotlancer.

how to succeed as a freelancer

Share Your Profile:

We’ll talk more about this below, but all successful freelancers have one thing in common. That of sharing their profile and initiate job orders on their service through spotlancer.

Setting up your profile:


Via your My Profile page you can easily add your description which will show on each and every service you decide to offer and obviously on your main profile.

This is your chance to describe your visitors what makes you so amazing to work with. You should include things like;

  • What’s your expertise
  • Number of years you’ve been in the industry
  • Mention of any BIG projects you worked on
  • Mention of your current work place

Remember though to keep your description short, simple and to the point.

Show your face:

A nice logo of your brand is always a nice way to personalise your profile picture but placing your photo is 5x times more effective.

A photo will give your profile visitors a better sense of trust and human interaction as it helps in picturing the person on the other side of the globe with real emotions. It’s a much more personal approach when coming to sell a freelance service online.

Location and language:

Clients come through your profile and services from all over the globe. You never know if clients within your same country and speaking your same language would be looking for a freelancer to get some jobs done.

Statistically speaking you will increase your odds of getting orders when working remotely simply because you let your profile visitors know what languages you speak and from where you are.

This will also help them understand if you delay within few hours in getting back to them due to the timezone factor.

Reviews, reviews and more reviews:

A key to any success is referrals. People do business with people they know can deliver great work and are reliable to work with. Whenever you close a job on Spotlancer always ask nicely your client to leave you a positive review.

Don’t pressure them or send them multiple messages to remind them or you might be loosing an opportunity for those clients to come back and work with you again.

The higher the rating you have the higher the position we will rank you in search results.

Use social media platform groups to your advantage:

We already went through how much reviews are important for your success in order to be one of the best out there. But in order to get review you need to get orders. And in order to get orders you need good exposure.

What better way to promote yourself than through your own social channels? Your family and friends might also be a good helping hand for you to get greater exposure. Ask them nicely to share your profile on their social channels too. A very good key tip is to share your service on facebook groups and ask them to hire you through Spotlancer.

Be special, be featured:

We will soon introduce a feature in which any provider can decide to feature his/her service on Spotlancer in order to get noticed and increase exposure. Stay tuned for more info on this feature.

On top of that, we tend to give exposure to freelancers closing orders and getting good reviews on their account.

Don’t Go off the radar:

It’s very important that you keep your clients updated and kept in the loop when working remotely.

Even if you are fully focused working on their project, if you spend between a day and three without updating clients they might think that you forgot about them.

Remember that your only way of communication is through our built in messaging system, so a short messages like the one below should do the trick.

“Hi, just to keep you in the loop. I am working on your project and planning to update you in a day or two. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’ll be more than happy to assist you”

Trust us, the client will appreciate your small thought.

Organisation and accessibility:

When working remotely you need to make sure your files are very well organised and accessible.

Clients tend to get back to you at the strangest hours possible. This might be because you are working on a different time zone than the ones your clients are.

Having files handy by saving them on an online cloud service is a great way to be sure you have everything in place and ready to send out to the client