It’s finally here. We’ve been busy listening to your feedback and brainstorming new ideas to improve the system. With some coffee breaks and some cool Pokemon hunts along the way we managed to finish a very important update which will allow service providers to choose their own pricing. We also introduced an additional feature, called Open Message.

Custom Pricing For Freelancers

This is the most awaited update of all. Freelancers can choose their own price when selling a service via

Prices for services can be set between €15 to €5000 and incremented by steps of 5. It will be up to you to choose the price you are willing to sell your services.

How to input a custom price?

It’s pretty straight forward. When submitting a new service you will have a new field which requires you to use the fill in the price.

Current services can of course benefit from this update too. All you need to do in order to update the current price from €15 to any price with the above mentioned range is to

  1. Logon to your spotlancer account
  2. Visit your dashboard
  3. Scroll down to the My Jobs section
  4. Click on the services you would like to change the price of. (you will be redirected to the service page)
  5. Click on the Edit link which can be found near the service name
  6. Update the price and click Save

Open Message

What is Open Message?

Open Message will help in pushing interaction between seller and buyer.

Freelancers can now set a custom message which will be automatically displayed as the first message in the order detail page after that specific service is successfully ordered.

Why should you set your Open Message?

  • It’s a good way to include the brief details. As a freelancer, this way, when you have a new order the system will send a message automatically to the buyer asking them for the brief details required in order for you to start the job.
  • Opening message can be also an acknowledgment, which will help in increasing the seller’s trust & reputation on Spotlancer