✪ Professional quality translation / content writing English to Serbo-Croatian and Serbo-Croatian to English,

provided by multilingual English teacher educated in London

with rich experience, and extensive knowledge on wide range of topics.

✪  It doesn’t matter if it’s translation or creating new texts, any challenge is welcome.

✪ I make sure the content is both professional and unique,highlighting your personality and extending your writing qualities.

✪ Translation is my way of life, so I`m looking forward to provide both versatile and functional direction styles.

✪ Feel free to contact me if there’s any project/idea development I could help you with, or for any further questions.

✪ Prices –15 Euros fee (for text / document / content) – up to 500 words.

✪ For more than 500 words, 15 Euros is a fixed price for the first 500 words, plus 10 cents (0,10€) per each extra word.

✪ For 500 words or less, delivery time will be within next 24 hours.

✪ If more than 500 words, delivery time will be prolonged as agreed, depending on the actual size of the document.

✪  Minimum charge 15€.