Post a Service On Spotlancer

Post a Service On Spotlancer

Spotlancer is all about building a community of hard working and talented providers where buyers can be sure that they will have top quality end products.

So you are a designer, developer, creative writer, videographer or musician who wants to earn a full-time or extra income from home, doing what you love. Spotlancer is here to help you!

Prior to following the below steps, please make sure to read our tips on how to become a successful freelancer and that your profile is nicely setup with a;

  • Description
  • Photo
  • Location
  • Language(s)


Here are the steps for registering and submitting your service:


  • First of all you need to join us by registering an account with us. (click on the join us button on the top right side) *please note that we currently process payments via paypal only. Make sure paypal is accepted in your home country
  • Once you submit your details you should receive an e-mail with a confirmation link (please check spam folder)
  • As soon as your account is confirmed you can start customising your profile by uploading a profile picture and add a description about yourself. This can all be done from your dashboard.

Submitting a service

Once you have the above steps done you are ready to submit a service on Spotlancer.

If you would like to see a good example of a freelance service offered through Spotlancer which can get your service approved faster, please check this service out: Good Example


First of all you need to choose a title for your service. The title needs to describe your service in a short and detailed manner.

Examples of good Titles: (descriptive with Capital for every first letter of the name)

  • Flat Logo Design
  • 3D Logo Design
  • Unique Logo Design

Example of bad TITLES: 

  • Super Logo Design – The Best! (Descriptive words which are too bombastic)
  • flat logo design (all small characters)
  • FLAT LOGO DESIGN (all large characters)
  • Flat Logo Design!!!! (use of special characters)


This is where you set the price you want to sell your services at via Spotlancer. Prices for services can be set between €15 to €5000 and incremented by steps of 5. It will be up to you to choose the price you are willing to sell your services.


Here you will be setting the delivery time you plan to send the final files to the client. It’s very important to keep up with the delivery deadlines as you might get jobs cancelled and ranked down in our system. We have set the delivery days in between 1 – 30 days.


Choose the best suited category for your service. It’s important to post a service which is relevant to the category of the service you are providing in order to avoid your service being rejected.

Number of Revisions (Changes):

Here you indicate how much changes you are willing to allow within the scope of the service. Of course you can be flexible while working on the job, but this will give an indication on how much changes the buyer is expecting with the service.


This is where you describe to your prospective buyers what you will be offering. Give as much detail as possible, ideally in point forms of what you require from the client and what the client will get from you when the job is ready.


This is where you showcase images of your past work related to the service you are about to offer. Important that image sizes are in the correct proportion so that they are nicely placed on the website. Images which are not professional and off from a nice looking presentable design will be rejected.

Please note that we suggest image size to be 665 x 375


Extras are services offered on top of the main service you are proposing to offer. These can be added later on too. It’s important that you offer extras that are within your reach and that fall within the service description. Extras which include website design on a logo design will have the service removed.

You can always offer and cross sell your services with clients but you need to create different services for different end products.


Add your tags to describe your service in very short words (1 – 3 words each tag). This will help you in search results.


Click the Save button and one of our moderators will review your service. If everything is good your service will be online in no time and you can start promoting it on your very own network.

Remember that the more you promote your service the more orders and reviews you will get. This will result in higher ranking of your profile and can guarantee a steady flow of work.

That’s it. If you think you have skills to offer to the rest of the world, then join us and submit your services.