You might be an agency looking to hire an online freelancer, or just a small business who needs digital work done once in a while. You might also be a startup business who is looking to hire a freelancer to get a new logo and branding setup.

In any of the above cases you would want to be able to find a trusted freelancer who not only knows his cup of tea very well but is also responsive.

Here at Spotlancer we strive in hand-picking freelancers who are both skilled and honest in what they do.

So how do you know what freelance provider to choose?

First of all it’s important to have a read through the reviews. This will help you determine what the community thinks about the freelancer you are looking to hire. It’s important to also understand that although a provider might not have 100% recommendation it does not mean the provider is not fit to work on your project.

It’s also important to have a look at the freelancer’s image showcase associated with the service the freelancer is offering and you are interested in. This will give you an idea of what to expect as quality of work when you hire a freelancer online via spotlancer.

What’s next?

  • Check the brief requirements: Once you’ve chosen the freelancer you want to work with it’s time to check out the service description for the brief. You will send this information to the provider once the order has been processed.
  • Adding extras: A freelancer might also be offering extra options with the service being offered. They are usually related to the service you plan to purchase and might come useful to have. If you are interested in any of them now it’s time to add them to the order. Once you add an extra it cannot be removed from the order.
  • Order the service: Once you are all set, click on the Order button found on the service page and process the payment. Once the order has gone through you will be re-directed to a dedicated job page. You can choose to pay for the service via Paypal or via Website Credit. Website Credit will only be available to you if you provide a service through Spotlancer or in case a dispute is decided in your favour.
  • Sending the brief details: From the job page you need to use the in-built messaging system to write down your brief as requested by the provider in his service description. Try to give your provider as much details as possible in the brief. This will help a lot during the workflow process.
  • Workflow: You can communicate with your provider via the in-built messaging system. In here you will be able to view the files and feedback sent from the provider as well as vice-versa.
  • Approving a job: Once you are happy with the end results you should inform the freelancer that you are ready to receive the source / final files of the service as described in the product description by the provider. Once the order is marked as delivered from the freelancer you will have the option to approve and review the job.
  • Disputing a job: If you are not happy with the end result and after a lot of communication back and forth with the provider you are still not satisfied we offer the option to dispute the job. It’s important to know that we support the idea of both the provider and the buyer (you) to communicate prior resolving to disputing the job. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions regarding disputing jobs. 

Ready to get started? Start browsing services offered by our hand-picked providers and get your job done!